Red brick manufacture :
Red bricks are the best way to build in Fumbisi. First, it stays much cooler in the heat than the cement block buildings; second, the maintenance is very low, since it never needs to be painted; and third, it fits very well to the mud huts structure which is still mostly used for housing.

The plans for the kindergarten are based on the use of red bricks. The next city has a supply for it, but it would be great to build a manufacturing company in the village itself. Locals could make the red bricks for the kindergarten and also supply other surrounding cities, which would bring another means of income into the village. 

Water irrigations
The villager's only income, for now, is out of the one harvest they have each year, which is even then dependant upon the rainy season. If that fails, like it did last year, there is not
sufficient food for them nor to sell to make a living.

Sewing machines
One sewing machine cost €50.-, which is about 500 000 cedis in Fumbisi. With the training and the machine a woman/man can feed her family and also supply for the orphans.


Teaching on the traditional weaving of materials, and Stroh, which is a dying art.


Fumbisi Christian Children Center. Vienna. Austria